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Case Studies

  • A Claimant bought a bottle of salad cream from a leading supermarket and when he got home and went to open the salad cream the plastic cap blew off and hit him in the eye giving him a blood shot eye and a deep cut at the side of his eye. As a result we made a claim against their insurers who accepted liability for the incident and the Claimant was awarded £6,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant was involved in a serious accident in which she was a passenger in a vehicle which was hit head on, shunted into a tree and the force of the impact caused the vehicle to flip upside down. The Claimant suffered various injuries including a broken tooth, nose,  as well as severe whiplash and concussion as a result of this accident and having pursued a claim via the insurers of the driver, the Claimant was then awarded £25,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant worked in a warehouse where staff have to clock in using electronic turnstiles using biometric finger scanning.  All members of staff clocking in have to clock in by set time, and as a result of a number of scanners/turnstiles being unavailable it meant that there was a large queue at the turnstiles/scanners and staff were being delayed clocking in, which meant a reduction in wages/penalties if not clocked in on time.Thereafter there was some pushing/shoving as staff tried to get to front of the queue, the Claimant was knocked to the floor accidentally by another member of staff, and was trampled underfoot and sustained injuries. We sued the employers on the grounds that the accident was reasonably foreseeable and that the employers failed to provide a safe system of work for employees.
  • A young child was at nursery unsupervised when their hand was burnt as they had touched an iron which had been left on by a member of staff who had used this to iron their shirt. Luckily the child only had minor burns, but was still awarded £3,000 in compensation.
  • A Claimant was in a large nightclub in Manchester, who ended up slipping on wet surface on the dance floor and as they fell onto their arm they sustained a nasty injury to the wrist caused by smashed glass. The Claimant severed tendons in their arm and received over £10,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant  was in a pub in Manchester City Centre and slipped down a step which was hard to see due to a poorly lit area near the toilets. She sustained several fractures to her ankle and underwent an operation with pins inserted in her ankle and she received over £35,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant whom we represented suffered serious leg injuries when they fell down a riser on a building site which had not been properly secured. The Claimant was unable to return to his previous employment and recovered in the region of £250,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant suffered injuries as a result of a motorcycling accident which meant that they could not return to the same employment which he undertook prior to the accident. As a result the claimant was able to re-train, but was not able to obtain employment at a similar level of remuneration and damages for loss of congenial employment and future continuing loss of earnings were claimed in excess of £100,000.
  • A Claimant sustained a nasty cut in her mouth caused by a feather that was in a hot chicken slice from one of the leading supermarkets. She received £2,000 in damages.
  • A female Claimant went to a hairdresser for a perm. The hairdresser left the perming solution on for too long, and then put the Claimant under a dryer. The claimant suffered a burnt scalp and hair loss. The Claimant was awarded £6,000 in damages.
  • A Claimant was clearing out her horse’s stable, when another horse put it’s head over the fenced gate and bit off the Claimant’s lip. The Claimant was awarded £23,000.
  • A child  slipped on some building dust at an International airport in the UK. As a result their front teeth went into the bottom lip. The child was awarded £1250 in damages.
  • A child was playing in a local park when they tripped over a concealed tree stump. They fell down into a ditch and broke their leg. They were awarded £5,500.
  • A young child at a nursery was left unsupervised and fell hitting her head on a toilet basin and sustained a nasty laceration to their forehead requiring stitches.  This child has now been left with a permanent scar.  Liability was accepted by the nursery and the child will now have how money safely invested until they reach 18 years of age.
  • A Claimant at work was driving a vehicle which struck another vehicle in front, which was electronic and failed due to poor maintenance.  The electronic vehicle therefore stopped without any warning.  The Claimant’s employers accepted the electronic vehicle was faulty and so even though the Claimant had run into the back of this, liability was accepted by his employers.
  • A Claimant suffered an accident at work whilst moving glass on an A frame outside a warehouse.  The glass was caught by the wind and smashed onto the Claimant’s wrist.  Liability was accepted and the procedure to move glass was changed by the company after the incident to ensure the safety of employees in the future.
  • A Claimant was cycling along a towpath adjacent to a canal.  The canal bank had eroded significantly into the footpath causing the Claimant’s bike to hit this and he sustained serious injuries to his face being thrown from his bike.  Liability was accepted and the path was subsequently repaired.
  • A Claimant was making their way into work along a path adjacent to the car park. The path was icy and she slipped and fell.  It was accepted that the path had not been gritted and liability was established.
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